~ Sacred Seasons is a charming and rustic center that offers classes, events, and sacred services which revolve around the seasons of the earth, human culture and spirituality, and the journey each life takes upon this earth.

 It operates out of the home of Rev. Susan Chamberlain, an Interfaith Minister, and is dedicated to the honoring and sharing of life's many pathways, and the sacredness of it All.

  Our calendar year offers several book studies either of literature, spirituality, mythology or science.  We also have some topic driven individual classes that target subjects which are meaningful within the human experience, such as Celtic SpiritualityThe Culture of DeathMythology and Ritual, Science and The Mystical Experience.

  Special events and outdoor programs usually follow the seasonal calendar related to the equinoxes and solstices of the year, and are ticketed events which benefit either a local non-profit animal or environmental organization.  Events will usually be ticketed, and classes and gatherings suggest a Love Offering donation.

 Sacred Seasons Center is also the home base for Sacred Ecology Club, an environmental activist group 
of friends who participate in creek bed cleanups and environmental events at the center.
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