~ Sacred Seasons is a charming and rustic center that offers classes, events, and sacred services which revolve around the seasons of the earth, human culture and spirituality, and the journey each life takes upon this earth.

   It operates out of the home of Rev. Susan Chamberlain, an Interfaith Minister, musician, and educator and is dedicated to the honoring and sharing of life's many pathways, and the sacredness of it All.

   Our calendar year offers numerous classes and events that challenge the mind and enrich the spirit. Our Council of Wolves Salon brings in topics for groups to explore and learn about as well as speakers from time to time who offer information and spiritual practices from many different traditions and cultures. There are also workshops several times a year that have a hands on approach of class involvement such as workshops on Sacred Geometry, Chant, Shamanism and mystical dance.

   Special events and outdoor programs usually follow the seasonal calendar related to the equinoxes and solstices of the year, and sometimes are ticketed events. For the most part a love offering minimum is suggested of $10 to cover expenses.  

   Sacred Seasons Center is also a certified wildlife residential habitat recognized by the National Wildlife Foundation, and we are committed to living a life of integrity with Nature and all Her children.
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