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 January 2017
The Roman God, Janus, was the reason behind the name of January.
He was depicted as looking back and also looking forward.  He was associated with great archways and passages, often with immense doors or gates that led from one place to another. Well, that's where we are now, on the other side of the gate, and walking into 2017.
Let us be stunning reminders that we carry knowledge and experience, but welcome each new day with what life expects from us, not just what we expect from it.  We are here to be purposeful participants in this game called life.  Happy New Year!

Sat. January 21 -- The Million Woman March on Washington / A Day of Supporting and Honoring the Sacredness of the Divine Feminine and Women's Work in the World.
Convening at Sacred Seasons -- 
 2 - 4:30 PM
Sat. Jan. 21
Bring poetry, music, special writings and tributes to women you admire and honor.  Let us celebrate who they are, who they have been.  Afternoon sharing and ceremony.  Hospitality included.
                                                                        February 2017

          Sat. Feb. 11  /  2 - 4:30 PM --Relearning the Democratic Process /
                                       What it Takes to Make a Difference

        In these turbulent times in America and the world, many of us have made a decision to 
        be more socially and politically active--letting our voices be heard.

        For this reason Sacred Seasons is hosting a learning or training session on local, state
        and national government--how it is structured, how it works and how we as part of this         participatory democracy have a part to play in how our country is run.

        Brenda Davis, from the Central Orange County League of Women Voters, will be our
        speaker, and there will be handouts and resource guides available to contact local,
        state and national congressional representatives.

There will be time for Q & A and sharing our knowledge and
resources in helping one another find outlets that can lead to
making a difference in our governmental process.

Before we can take wise action we need to know the basics for contact and communication.

Please RSVP / ASAP if you will be attending.

United we stand for the rights of all.

         Sat. March 11    /  2:00 - 4:30 PM  Council of Wolves Presents ~
                   an afternoon with Dr. Linda Groff, Futurist, Interfaith Minister,                                  and Professor Emeritus of CSU Dominguez Hills. 
               Her topic will be -- A New Consciousness for a New Age.

                             Sunday March 19  /  3:30 PM -  6:30 PM  

                  Spring Equinox Celebration and Concert with Potluck. 

                  Guest musicians -- Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill                    

                                                   April 2017

March 2017
Dr. Groff is a dedicated and active futurist in the science of Future Studies.  Her work takes place on an international level, and she is the author of many articles on evolving consciousness and global future possibilities.
In the difficult and challenging climate of today's America and the world, we welcome her expertise as she will guide us into ideas of how we can participate in the great shift that is emerging from an old paradigm to a new paradigm for humanity and the world.  We are living through this crisis of consciousness together and the need for understanding and communication are essential to carve out a new global future.
Please RSVP / ASAP  Hospitality included.  Donations requested.
Transformational Healing Concert
Sacred Seasons is once again pleased to announce
our celebration of the Vernal Equinox with our friends, Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill.
They transmit Joyful Compassion through music--
exquisite vocals * transcendent instrumentals * Celtic song * Sanskrit chant * Tibetan bowls tabla
* keyboards * nurturing * playful * relaxing of body and soul.
It is a special treat to have our musicians from Mt. Shasta join us for our Spring Celebration.
$15 suggested donation at the gate.
Potluck to follow.  Please RSVP and let us know what dish you will be bringing to this unique interfaith afternoon.    Namaste.
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Sat. April 8 Council of Wolves Salon ~  2 - 4:30 PM
Join us for an afternoon with Rochelle Dreeben, a child survivor of the WWII Warsaw Ghetto in Poland.  Her presentation is her story as told in her book, One Dark Night.
Rochelle's story is what most of us would find hard to imagine, but she faced life's challenges with her mother in one of history's darkest chapters.  Discussion and Q & A in an interactive atmosphere.
Rochelle will be available to sign her book --- One Dark Night.
Hospitality provided.  Donation requested.
Sat. April 22 ~ Earth Day Potluck Event ~ 4 - 7 PM
Sacred Seasons Center will be joined for this event by the Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment -- OCICE, for this day of honoring and celebrating our Earth and her creatures.  
There will be a Divine Feminine Earth Ceremony and a Divine Masculine Earth Ceremony to honor both aspects of our planetary home as well as the Cosmos within which we reside.  This is a very sacred honoring and all are invited to participate.
There will be sacred readings, sharing, music and a delicious potluck dinner as well.  Donations appreciated.
We invite you to bring with you prayers and blessings for peace.

May 2017
Sat. May 13 ~  2 - 4:30 PM  ~  Council of Wolves Salon ~
Dr. Linda Groff  Part 2 ~ The New Paradigm 
--a Continuation from March Futurist Program
Brought back by popular demand, Dr. Linda Groff, Social Scientist and Futurist, will return to speak on the global shift in consciousness that is in the process of emerging.  Out of the darkness comes the light.
Dr. Groff will speak interactively with those present on her findings and the cutting edge evidence of a New World emerging from the age-old consciousness of human civilizations.  We are living at a momentous time in the evolution of our species and our planet.
Hospitality provided.  Please RSVP.  Donations appreciated.
Monday May 29   10 AM until 1 PM ~ Memorial Day Breakfast  Brunch                                 ~ Program and Ceremony ~
Join us for this nostalgic day of remembering and honoring our loved ones with a potluck picnic brunch on the back patio. Let us share stories from our childhood and early adult years.  The road of memories is even richer when shared.  What are those special moments forever locked inside your heart?  WWII planes fly overhead from Fairhaven Memorial Park right over our backyard around 10:00 so try to be here around 9:45 if you wish to see them.  It's quite a treat. 
 RSVP please.
Larry will be making his famous French toast, so you won't want to miss it.
Let us know what you will be bringing to add to the brunch. Beverages furnished.


 June 2017  
   Time off!   See you in July.

 July classes start Sat. July 8 - August.

                                Up and Running Again
                    Sorry for the down time, but we're back 
                    with the calendar remaining for 2017.

    November 2017

    Thursday, Nov. 2  /  6 - 8:30 PM        /    Two Event Night:

        All Souls' Eve -- 6 - 7:15  / Sacred Service for departed loved ones 
       with candles, music, readings and ceremony.  This is an evening for remembering
        loved ones and bringing in their energy and presence to join us. It is truly a 
        blessed evening service. Hosted by Rev. Susan Chamberlain.

  Day of the Dead --Dia de los Muertos --Altar of Light  7:15 - 8:30 PM
  Back yard building an altar of candles and decorations, pictures of loved 
  ones, sacred objects and flowers.  This is the Mexican tradition of honoring 
  their loved ones on the other side and their ancestors.  It is a colorful and 
  magical evening with the beauty of the altar, and a ceremony with     
                                   Shaman, Leticia Montiel.
  There will be Mexican music, food, and abundant color on this traditional 
  night celebrated Nov. 2 of each year. A potluck dinner will be served after
   the altar ceremony.  
  If you wish to take part in the evening and potluck, please bring a food item
  that will go with the main Mexican dish which will be served.  We could 
  use beans, rice, salad, or any other dinner item which would compliment 
  the Mexican theme.
    Please RSVP / ASAP  susanrc@sbcglobal.net 


                       Sunday, Dec. 17 -- Winter Celebration -- 
                                      The Magic of  Solstice
           6 - 8:30 PM  Celebration, potluck and bonfire ceremony.
Please join us for the most magical evening of the year -- the coming Winter Solstice.
Out of the darkness comes the light; out of the darkness comes the promise of new life and a new day-- a babe growing --a presence preparing the long journey into the realm of form.
All of us venture forth into this good night and come into the magical presence of Light and Life Forever Renewed.
Please RSVP and let us know if you plan on attending, and what potluck item you will be bringing.
This is the main closing event for 2017.