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Sunday January 10, 2016   Atonement Service ( based on Yom Kippur )
                                                  7- 9:30 PM
  Non-Jews can benefit greatly by following the yearly Day of Atonement  ( Yom Kippur ) of the High Holy Days of Judaism by asking for forgiveness.  It is not enough to forgive and offer blessings to others.  We, ourselves, need to ask for forgiveness for ways in which we have intentionally or inadvertently harmed others, the earth or even ourselves.  This feature of atonement is missing in many of the mainstream religions and is a cleansing and wonderful process for each person in starting the Gregorian New Year, just as the Jews celebrate Rosh Hashana and observe Yom Kippur.
   This will be a most sacred evening of readings, the Kol Nidre, and ritual.  We will move from Atonement to At-One-Ment as we move into this new year and start again.  Hospitality afterward.
Sat. February 20, 2016   2 - 4:30 PM
Council of Wolves Presents ~
An Afternoon with John O'Donahue
John O'Donahue  ( 1 Jan. 1956 - Jan. 2008 ) was an Irish poet, author, priest, and Hegelian philosopher.  He was a native Irish speaker and as an author is best known for popularizing Celtic Spirituality.
He is known for his books, Anam CaraEternal Echoes and many others that always remind us that we are children of the Earth--the great Mother of us all, and focuses on the sacredness of the human adventure, friendship and the significance of our relationship to the All-That-Is.
  His charming personality and inspirational thoughts guided many of his ardent followers reminding them that every day is a blessing.
Join us as we listen to O'Donahue's poetry, inspirational talks and share with one another the messages we hear from his words.  RSVP.  Hospitality offered.  * Love Donation Appreciated.
Sat. March 12, 2016    2 - 5:30 PM
Sacred Seasons Seasonal Kick-Off Concert
Transformative Healing Music
Sat. March 12  -- 2 PM - 5:30 PM
( potluck immediately following. )
Anton Mizerak & Laura Berryhill
popular guest musicians from Mt. Shasta.

Come for an inspiring and uplifting gift of music from the soul.  *exquisite vocals *transcendent instrumentals *Celtic song *Sanskrit chant *Tibetan bowls *tabla  *keyboards *nurturing *playful *relaxing.
Suggested Donation  $15 at the gate.
Sunday March 20   Vernal Equinox   ~  Spring is Delicious!   ~  3 - 6:30 PM

Join us for a joyous celebration of color, light and rebirth as Spring comes again.  Joey Bunny and friends will gather to honor Mother Earth and all her new babies.  Program, ceremony, great music and vegetarian potluck.

* Love Donation Suggested.

Sat. April 23   4 - 7:30 PM    Celebrating Earth Day
            with Rev. Adelia Sandoval and Friends
May the children of the air and the sea meet as One on this Holy planet called Earth.
Join us to celebrate Mother Earth with our friend, Rev. Adelia Sandoval of the Achajamen indigenous people of Southern California, and her beautiful Song of the Earth outdoor service.  She shares some of the rich traditions of her tribal people as she invites us to honor the splendor of Earth with her.

Schedule:  4 PM - Arrival and music
                    4:15 - Song of the Earth Service
                    5:30 - Vegetarian Buffet Potluck    
                    6:30 - 7:30 PM  Program, meditation, ceremony.

Please RSVP and let us know what you are bringing.  *Donation Requested.
Sun. April 10   2 - 4:30 PM
Council of Wolves Presents ~
A Celtic Pilgrimage with John O'Donohue &                         His Parting Gift
  Session #2  with the late Irish poet and philosopher, John O'Donohue, will focus on the man's love for the landscape and heart of his native Ireland. Walk with him as he shares his home and his heart.  Then listen as he speaks of prayer from its deepest level--living it.

  This is a film that is "Visually stunning and spiritually uplifting...a treat for the eye, for the heart, and above all, for the soul."  --The Irish Times

  Discussion and sharing with hospitality provided. 
* Donation Requested.   RSVP.
Sat. May 7   It's a Good Day for a Hike.  Keep posted for time and place.
Sunday May 22  2 - 5 PM   Entering the Shaman's World--
A Special Afternoon class with psychologist and shaman,
                                   Dr. Richard Cohn  CANCELLED  

A shaman is one who bridges the world of the seen and the unseen.  He communicates with different realms of being and knows the world of Nature through spiritual eyes.  
Come hear Dr. Cohn share about the different realms of consciousness that are all around us, and with which we can learn to communicate.  Shamanism is a very Earth-centered and Spirit-centered practice that draws us into alignment with the Great Mystery, Itself.

Donation Requested.  Hospitality furnished.
        Sunday June 26 ~  Prayer Vigil for the Earth
    --The Golden Days of Summer-- An OCICE Event
            5 - 8 PM  Sacred Seasons Center
​  The Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment will co-host a late afternoon - evening event at Sacred Seasons Center to recognize the sacredness of Mother Earth and All Her Children.  There will be a program of interfaith worship, music, ceremony and prayer, along with a Vegetarian Potluck.

Please RSVP and let us know what dish you will be bringing for the potluck.

P.S. * Please bring something you would like to share of Nature --an experience, object, poem or writing, whatever fits the occasion.
Harming the Earth is like harming the Angel of our Lives.
                Saturday June 25  9 AM - 12 PM   Earth Crew 
                 Portola Park Planting Project -- Phase II

Dear Friends, please wear your EC shirts, bring gloves, hand trowels and water for our second team effort of this year in upgrading and beautifying our adopted Portola Park.  Our drought tolerant garden that we put in in April is coming along well, and the park's department of Santa Ana is counting on us to do some major planting by the park wall where vines and plants are needed.
We hope all will be on board for this our next project for Nature and the community.  Please RSVP / ASAP to check in.
Women's Series ( 6 weeks ) --Women of Vision and Courage

                 ( $10 donation suggested / all donations welcome )

        ~ from the Medieval Beguines up to issues of today--
                                    2 - 4:30 / 5 PM
                Sat. July 2, 16, ( note change )Sunday July 31 
                        --Sat. Aug. 13 and 27, Sat. Sept. 10 

Sat. July 2 -- Courageous Beguine Women -- Mechtild of Magdeburg, Marguerite Porete, and others.
They spoke out when it was dangerous for women to take positions, and their words and deeds did make a difference in the world.  They speak to us today to follow our consciences and our knowledge to create a better world for all.
Marguerite Porete -- Mirror of Simple Souls  * Burned at the stake in 1310.
Sat. July 16 -- Hildegard von Bingen  ( 1098 - 1179 )  Benedictine Abbess, writer, artist, composer and musician, and religious philosopher.  Her work and life encouraged many Beguines to direct their spirituality from their heart, not from church dogma.  Instrumental for Beguine Movement of 13th Century.
Scivias --her famous work comprised of her art and religious philosophical symbolism.  It means--  " The Way to God."
Sunday July 31  ( shift to a Sunday this one time ) 2 - 4:30 / 5 PM
         Muslim Women Speaking for Oppressed Muslim Women
          Malala's Nobel Peace Prize Speech ( 2014 )
    Raheel Raza on TED TALKS-- Traditional Abuses to Muslim Women
    Sacred Season guest, Ayshegul Ashki, Sufi Woman Mystic.
Sat. Aug. 13--  Denying the Divine Feminine in Literature
Featuring --Mary Wollstonecraft-Vindication of Woman,
Mary Shelley -- Frankenstein, & Nathaniel Hawthorne--
The Scarlet Letter.  Voices of feminism from the 18th & 19th Century.
Sat. Aug. 27 --  The Vision and Courage 
          of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Caddy Stanton,
          and the American Suffragette Movement.
                  Not for Ourselves Alone ( Part I )
A terrific and electrifying documentary by Ken Burns on the
fight for the vote for women in America and what it took.
Discussion on issues and elements coming forth from the documentary and their impact on women in America today.
Sat. Sept. 10 -- Not for Ourselves Alone ( Part II )

Conclusion of documentary on Susan B. Anthony and
Elizabeth Caddy Stanton, and what their example offers to women today.  Discussion and sharing.

* Potluck supper as we conclude this valuable women's series.  Please let us know what you will bring to the potluck.
Sat. Sept. 24  Fall Equinox Event  5 - 8 PM
Vegetarian Potluck, Ceremonies and Program
                Indian Summer Arrives
Sun. Nov. 20  / 7 - 8:00 PM  /   Interfaith Peace Service

    Church of the Foothills ( Sanctuary )   19211 Dodge St., Santa Ana.
                                                                     ( corner of Dodge & Newport )
 The world calls on all of us to pray for peace on our blessed Mother Earth.  
Send the prayers from your heart and your faith out into the world as we join together for this sacred evening of light in the darkness. 
* Please RSVP.  
Multi-cultural prayers, chants, music and worship.  Faith Leaders Procession ,
songs, bringing light into the darkness represents HOPE and our commitments to peace and healing on our Earth.  * Hospitality afterwards in Fellowship Hall.
Meet and Greet.
Fri. October 21 - Sun. October 23 /  Sacred Seasons Retreat Weekend 
at Questhaven in San Marco, Ca.  ( approx. 1+ hrs. from SSC )                     * Carpooling to Questhaven  -- ( If interested, call to check whether there is any more room. ) * Call Susan Chamberlain  ( 714 ) 744-3904 -- Sacred Seasons Center, Santa Ana.
 Weekend Theme ~  Contemplating Our Life's Journey
                                    Many Lives--Many Bodies
Wed. Nov. 2  -- ( 6 - 9 PM ) Combination Service for "All Souls' Eve", with the Mexican Day of the Dead Altar Ceremony.
"All Souls' Eve" ( 6 - 7:30 ) with Rev. Susan Chamberlain /  Day of the Dead Altar Ceremony ( 7:45 - 9 PM ) with Leticia Montiel.
You are welcome to come to one or both of these gatherings.  Please let us know for which you will be coming, or if you plan to experience both.
Honoring our loved ones who have passed, and sharing an evening with their sacred presence, and memories of times together.  * Tibetan bell for each soul represented.
* Sacred music, spoken word meditation & prayers from
Graceful Passages, ceremony and candle lighting, and sharing our hearts & thoughts.
Come for this precious evening of honoring & remembering, and stay if you would like to participate in the altar of light building in the backyard which is also the night of Day of the Dead.
Questhaven is a 655 acre nature retreat center nestled among chaparral-covered hills in northern
San Diego County.  There are hilltop vistas, shaded oak sanctuaries, wayside shrines, seasonal streams, and a variety of wildflowers, birds and wildlife.  Wandering the trails one finds release from the daily stress of our outer lives and comes into the Inner tranquility of Our Spiritual Essence.
There are group cottages and a communal kitchen, a church and labyrinth, and numerous small cottages dotting the grounds.  Group retreats create private space, and also the unity of togetherness.
Schedules will be sent out to retreat participants in late September.  Personal journaling,
sharing and ceremony will all be part of this weekend retreat from Friday evening to Sunday
noon. Meals will be prepared together. Check it out at -- Questhaven.org
  7:45 - 9 PM --  Day of  the Dead Altar Ceremony with Leticia Montiel      ( immediately following the "All Souls' Eve" Service. )  This ceremonial night event is the Mexican tradition for honoring and remembering loved ones on the other side--representing through the lighted altar that there really is no death, just a change of worlds.  Tres Leches cake and Mexican hot chili chocolate will complete the night under the trees.
* Please bring memorabilia and photos, cherished items and prayers to place on   the altar. RSVP for one or both of these services.* Donation appreciated.  Namaste.
This is the season of turning, when we are reminded that the year of birth, growth and plenty are nearing a close.  We may also be reminded that we, too, are another year older and moving on with our life's journey.  It is a sacred time to reflect on the work and activities we have invested in this year and to look forward to the last vestiges of the blossoms and greenery we knew as spring and summer.  Now night and day share equal balance, but each day draws us closer to the culmination of another yearly visit on planet, Earth.  Be filled with gratitude for all that you have achieved or gained in the message of this ripe time of year.
Sat. October 15  / 2 - 4:30 PM  ~Council of Wolves 
Sunday Dec. 18  ~ Winter Solstice Event  / White Stag Rises Again
                                                      5 - 8 PM  
( Tradition is born through the Celtic White Stag and the Season of Darkness and Light )

Celtic and Interfaith Event with musicians, lights, candles, the visitation of the White Stag,
and other program and ceremony features.  This is a  mysterious and mystical night where past, present and future are joined as One.  *  Vegetarian potluck and many goodies are 
planned for this magical evening event.   Donations Requested, please.  RSVP and let
us know what potluck item you will be bringing.
Join us for an afternoon get together with Buddhist Monk, ( American Buddhism )
Mila Diamond, innovative speaker on Mindfulness Practice and Meditation.
She will be sharing her background and experiences on the journey to her Buddhist practices, and what we can learn from Buddhism. Hospitality provided.  * Donations will go to our speaker, so much appreciated.
Monday Nov. 7,  Pre-Election Meditation and Prayer Service           for Our Country   7 PM  outside with candle light.
Other than the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963, I don't remember any time that was as important as the time in which we are now living.  The world is going through serious growing pains as cultures, politics and belief systems are colliding everywhere we look, and the presidency of the United States is so important to the future of this country and the world.
Regardless of your presidential choice, let us gather together as one family to pray and focus on the best possible outcome of the presidential elections on Tues. Nov. 8.  We face so many global and environmental crises, we need strong and moral leadership to take the helm of the United States ship.  Our love and support for life, justice and a future for our children and grandchildren is at stake, so whatever love and devotion we can send out in our request to the great beyond to be with us as voting takes place in our country on Tues.  * Please RSVP for this most important evening.  With Love and Blessings for All,
                                          Rev. Susan Chamberlain